AyaCare(アヤケア)エステは、フェイシャルと痩身 専門のエステサロンです


AyaCare is an Esthetic salon which is a 3-minutes walk from Ozaku station on the Ome line in Hamura city, Tokyo.

We have well-trained estheticians who are all Filipinos. We are importing beauty treatments’ methods globally like effective cosmetic products, slimming cavitation, herb detox slimming treatments and herb facial peeling treatments.

We love to make ourselves and most especially our customers more beautiful. In our perceptions, beauty consists of both aspects outside the physical beauty and the inner beauty, which leads to having quiet confidence and affirmation in ourselves.


"Love yourself entirely"

This is our concept. We hope you wish to be more beautiful for yourself, not for someone else. Love yourself, give a talk to yourself in a mirror every morning, "I’m totally perfect", then broaden the love you got for other people surrounding you.

Beauty Salon Beauty Salon

Intensive skincare for over 40 years old.

Facial beauty salon

Massaging by hand will work to reduce facial swelling but will not be enough when it comes to anti-aging. For those who are over 40, vitamin A, E, C is essentially important, especially vitamin A.

Retipalm is a German-based company which has been searching on how to infiltrate one type of vitamin A, called Retinol palmitate, into your skin effectively and safety.

Retinol is famous for important vitamin of anti-aging but it contains some risks in using to our bodies. While, Retinol palmitate is a stable substance so we can get benefits of vitamin A more safety, making the 40+ skin visibly more elasticity, density, and a youthful radiance.

In fact, Retipalm named their company name from Retinol palmitate and now they are one of the leading companies of introducing vitamins to the skin in the world.

If we try to get benefits of vitamins, especially vitamin A, from foods, it will take more than a week to reach the cells. Considering taking the powerful way of it, it’s good to introduce vitamins into your skin directly.

We often see advertisements saying something like: Our cosmetic products can introduce rich ingredients deeply into your skin. However, it is said that it’s not so easy to introduce some ingredients through the pores beneath the skin.

The most impressive thing about Retipalm searches on anti-aging is that they have been accumulating knowledge on how to introduce vitamins into your skin directly through your pores.

You must realize how effectively the Retipalm cosmetic products do work well to change your skin by our facial treatments.

Note: We have Retipalm facial menus here as Premium facials. You can choose any of them or compound menus along with your needs like Lift-up, Whitening, Anti-aging, Acne treatments. If you want to change your skin’s conditions substantially, we’ll suggest K.I.S treatment.

Menu list / Booking

Address Arayashiki Bldg. 1F, Ozaku dai 1-5-2, Hamura city, Tokyo [ Map ]
Open 10:00~19:00 Open all year round except for new year
Credit Cards VISA/MasterCard/American Express
facilities Bed : 5
Menu Facial and Slimming. We have more than 20 kinds of facial treatments. Menu List
Staff Esthetician : 4
Parking available : 6

Plice list

(日本語) 運命より綺麗になれる。ドイツ レティパルムのビタミン導入コスメを使用したフェイシャルエステが受けられるのは、多摩地域は当サロンだけ!

アヤケアエステ 東京 (羽村市 小作駅 徒歩3分) ◆ 近くの市:羽村市、福生市、昭島市、青梅市、あきる野市、武蔵村山市、立川市、入間市 ◆ 青梅線:青梅駅、東青梅駅、河辺駅、羽村駅、拝島駅、昭島駅、立川駅

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Japanese, English, and Tagalog are available.

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