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Vitamin Skin Care


At any time of the day the skin must defend itself against destroying elements like viruses, bacteria and so many other harmful substances.

Bad eating habits, stress, strong and long UV-radiation accelerate the process of aging additionally. Therefore, it is necessary to supply the skin daily with enough vitamins.

A healthy nutrition plays an important part, but the direct supply with vitamines through the skin causes a faster success. Administrated orally, trough food or supplements, Vitamin A needs seven days to reach your system. Trough creams, it is immediately absorbed into the skin.

Retipalm Vitamin Skin Care contains Vitamin A in Retinyl Palmitate form, in different doses (Three-Step-Program) as well as an antioxidant system which is made of Vitamin C, E and Beta-carotene.

Panthenol is also included. It calms down and balances the skin. For the optimal protection against UV-radiation, every day cream has an UV-A (Butyl Methoxydibenzolmethane) and an UV-B (Octyl Methoxycinnamate) light protection filter.

The creams are made with well-tolerated vegetable oils. Retipalm derma cosmetic€doesn’t use jars as containers, in order to protect the cream against light, oxygen and germs.

A high level of purity and hygiene is guaranteed during the production as well as trough application, because the products are filled in vacuum-dispensers.

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