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  • Intensive whitening facial esthe by penetrating rich vitamins into your skin.

Intensive whitening facial esthe by penetrating rich vitamins into your skin.

顔エステ ホワイトニング

AyaCare is an esthetic salon featuring facial esthe and slimming treatments.

The most popular facial treatment we have is Whitening facial esthe by Retipulm cosmetic products. Retipalm is a German-based company and one of the leading researchers and manufacturers of herbal esthetic products in the world.

Medical herbs have almost the same long history with the human race. Before medical technologies have developed, the knowledge of the usage of medical herbs for treating various diseases, injuries or beauty problems have been accumulating while adapting the herbs to people and reviewing its results in real.

Actually, the effectiveness of herbs, which means that people can take the benefits of medical treatments from the herbs, have been revealed in a long history of actual experiments.

Retipalm has been trying to identify on how to nourish the skin effectively and safely by penetrating specific vitamins and minerals through the pores.

Therefore, their cosmetic products reflect the results of this latest anti-aging research with a lot of evidence with the harmony of both traditional herbs and modern technologies.

Today, we’re introducing Peeling & Whitening facial esthe.

whitening facial treatment

Remove make-up and impurities of the skin thoroughly and gently using cleansing cream.

facial esthe

This is the best peeling based on fruit acid. Using a steamer, this peeling visibly rolls, lifts, and sweeps away dead skin cells.

Beauty Photo Force

Beauty Photo Force – In 4 radio modes, It works on eyebags and wrinkles. ( Facial option ). EP(electroporation)mode: Shrinks pores & anti wrinkles / LED mode: Fades eye wrinkles & eyebags / EMS mode: approaches the face muscles, puts tension to massage the flabby muscles. / RF(radio frequency)mode: To warm the skin deeply, in order to promote collagen production.

facial beauty treatment

With the peeling, a slightly acidic condition is created on the skin, which is absolutely necessary for vitamins to be able to work efficiently.
Next is whitening.

facial whitening

White Booster and White Cream regulate the melanin production of the skin. Then Brightening Mask is a powerful mask inspired by iontophoresis, a beauty treatment that saturates skin with a generous amount of beneficial ingredients to target spots and discoloration.

facial whitening treatment

After removing the mask, it visibly brightens the skin.


The Thermage system relies on heat to tighten the underlying layers of the skin.

facial massage

Aftercare includes facial massage that boosts to leaves skin smooth, fresh, luminous & youthful.

facial beauty treatment

After the procedure, we can see that the face is tightened and brightened.

The cosmetic products we’re using in peeling and whitening facial esthe are bellow. Retipalm products are all natural products composed of Vitamins & Minerals which does not contain any bad chemicals that are harmful to our bodies.

cosmetic products - whitening cosmetic product - peeling

RETIPALM Premium Faciall Esthe
Set : Whitening & Peeling gel 75 minutes
Trial ¥6,500 / Usual ¥15,000

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