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The effect of vitamines to the skin


The effect of vitamines to the skin

Vitamines are essential substances. The body can’t produce them by itself. Therefore the vitamins have to be taken regularly from food, or in form of supplements. Our food includes vitamins and so-called pro vitamins (preliminary stage of a vitamin) in different doses. In the body, they will convert in the corresponding vitamines.

Known examples are beta-carotene, which designate as Pro vitamin A and Vitamin D. Under effect of UV-radiation it is possible that Vitamin D3 will be synthesized of the Pro vitamin Dehydrocholestrin. That is a product of the metabolism.

Vitamins don’t play a part in supplying the body with energy and also not as building material for body substances. They serve as active substances and have controlling functions for the organism. The explanation is the following: The big significance of these substances is the connecting links between the different processes in the metabolism.

There are hardly reactions in our body where at least one, but usually more vitamins are taking part.

Although the different vitamins in the metabolism are working together, every vitamin has its own, very special function. That means, if one vitamin does not exist in the body, the whole process in the organism or a part of it may be disturbed.

Vitamins are classified as follows:

1. Fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E, K.
To be found in: fat cells, cytomembranes, liver. These vitamins can be stored.

2. Water-soluble vitamins: B-Complex, C.
To be found in: inside the cell, blood, in the small channels between the cells. These vitamins can’t be stored.

The role of vitamins

1. Neurotropic vitamins

These vitamines are necessary for the nerves. They are responsible for the energy metabolism in the nerve tissue (especially in the nerve tissue of the brain). B-vitamins belong to the neurotropic vitamines.

Most neurotropic vitamins have the effect of „COENZYMES“. That means they work together with countless enzymes, which drive on the functions of metabolism in our body. At the same time every enzyme is specialised in one or more reactions and a certain vitamin is only working together with a few selected enzymes.

2. Antioxidative vitamines

The vitamines C, E and beta-carotene belong to this group. Antioxidative vitamines protect the cells against aggressive oxygen combinations, so-called „Free Radicals“.

3. Vitamins with effect on the cell nucleus

The fat-soluble vitamines like Vitamin A and D penetrate the cell nucleus immediately. This place is storing the whole genetic information. The both vitamines regulate the growth of the body cells and control the producing of proteins. These proteins are the basis for the build- up and maintenance from the whole body.

What can damage the vitamins?

1. Storage

It is possible that the conditions and the duration of storage by food and cosmetics can lead to a considerable loss of vitamins.

2. Light, air and heat

Vitamines are very sensitive substances. By effect of light, air and heat they will be destroy or very strong reduce in its effect. If vitamines are put in cosmetics the packaging of the product is playing a big part. A crucible with a big opening is not the right packaging for cosmetical vitamin products. The vitamines are exposed to air and light continuously and they lost their effect in shortest time.

3. Industrial processing

For example the rice corn. Comparing the vitamin content in the natural brown rice it is noticeable that by the process of shelling the content of vitamines is reduced strong, because the vitamines are found in the shell of the rice corn. White rice gives energy but no physiologic value.

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