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Regular Facial Esthe

Etbella Facial 60 minutes
Etbella firmly keeps the sensitive skin moisturized.
Trial ¥3,500 / Usual ¥5,000
Enzyme Facial 60 minutes
Reduces visibility of acne scars & dark spots.
Trial ¥3,500 / Usual ¥5,000
Collagen Facial 60 minutes
Collagen has the ability to give the skin that dewy gorgeous glow.
Trial ¥3,500 / Usual ¥5,000
Pearl Facial 60 minutes
Softens and firms radiant, youthful skin with pearl powder.
Trial ¥3,500 / Usual ¥5,000
Seaweed Facial 60 minutes
Seaweed is filled with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
Trial ¥3,500 / Usual ¥5,000
Diamond Facial 60 minutes
This facial helps to improve uneven skin coloring and aging spots.
Trial ¥3,500 / Usual ¥5,000
Gold Peeling Facial 60 minutes
Premature aging of the skin can be prevented by the peeling.
Trial ¥4,000 / Usual ¥5,000
24K Beauty Facial 60 minutes
The vibration is so powerful that the vitamins & minerals absorption is bigger.
Trial ¥4,000 / Usual ¥5,000

Plice list

(日本語) 運命より綺麗になれる。ドイツ レティパルムのビタミン導入コスメを使用したフェイシャルエステが受けられるのは、多摩地域は当サロンだけ!

アヤケアエステ 東京 (羽村市 小作駅 徒歩3分) ◆ 近くの市:羽村市、福生市、昭島市、青梅市、あきる野市、武蔵村山市、立川市、入間市 ◆ 青梅線:青梅駅、東青梅駅、河辺駅、羽村駅、拝島駅、昭島駅、立川駅

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