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Welcome to AyaCare esthe


Hi, we’re providing beauty treatments services in our beauty salon located near Ozaku station in Hamura city, Tokyo.

All of the estheticians are Filipinos and we’re fluent in speaking Japanese, English, and Tagalog. So, everybody is welcome in our salon!

We’re committed to select better products from all over the world and provide customers with effective ways to become more beautiful at affordable prices such as facial esthe using Retipalm herb cosmetics. We also offer detox slimming program named “Royal Herb” and slimming cavitation.

We believe that beauty is connected to health in terms of both the outside appearance and the inner aspect. So we carefully choose products by considering their ingredients.

We give customers cheaper prices for beauty treatment trials except for hair removal treatments.

Please try it!

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(日本語) 運命より綺麗になれる。ドイツ レティパルムのビタミン導入コスメを使用したフェイシャルエステが受けられるのは、多摩地域は当サロンだけ!

アヤケアエステ 東京 (羽村市 小作駅 徒歩3分) ◆ 近くの市:羽村市、福生市、昭島市、青梅市、あきる野市、武蔵村山市、立川市、入間市 ◆ 青梅線:青梅駅、東青梅駅、河辺駅、羽村駅、拝島駅、昭島駅、立川駅

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Japanese, English, and Tagalog are available.

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